MTL Staff
Callsign Badge Position Name E-mail
MTL1 MTL Designer Marcel Maas
MTL2 MTL Designer Can Uyanik
MTL3 MTL Designer Jaime Lopez
(on trial)
MTL4 MTL Designer Jorge Valenti
(on trial)
MTL5 MTL Designer Simon Cardona Giraldo
(on trial)

General Guidelines

Known Issues with MTL Installer

  1. Make sure you run MTL Installer as Administrator (Right click on the MTL installer and select "Run as Administrator")

  2. Check your "proxy" settings, go to "Control Panel" > "Internet Options" > tab "Connections" > button "LAN settings"
    Make sure all boxes are unchecked!
    Sometimes these boxes are enabled automatically again, this is mostly caused by malware or internet acceleration tools. So disable all check boxes, and re-open the proxy. settings to see if the check boxes stay unchecked. This is important! To get rid of malware, download a good antimalware program.

  3. A firewall or virus scanner (or anti malware program) can block the MTL Installer to make a connection to the internet on port 80. Add "C:\Program Files (x86)\IVAO\IvAp\mtl.exe" (default path) to the exceptions/exclusions, or temporarily disable the firewall or virus scanner (not recommended if you're not behind a router). In some cases it's even needed to completely remove the virus scanner from your computer. To exclude any firewall/scanner on your computer, restart your computer in "Safe mode with networking" (F8 during boot), and then run the MTL Installer. If it still doesn't work, there could be a filter active on your internet router which prevents downloading.

The MTL contains a lot of files, sometimes one or two liveries do not install the first time due to a network timeout.
Execute the MTL Installer again to install the remaining liveries.
If you keep getting this message, let us know via the forum, so we can repair it, there could be a file missing on one of the servers.

Known Issues with Flight Simulator 2004

After every MTL update in Fs9, you should run the "MTL Hide" tool.
Find it in Start Menu > All Programs > IVAO > IvAp

Known Issues with Flight Simulator X

DirectX 10 is not supported by the MTL, disable it. (we have no way to make it compatible due to copyrights)
If that don't work, try checking the FSX.cfg file and change "D3D10=1" to "D3D10=0"

  1. Disable the setting "Aircraft casts shadows on the ground" (Settings > Customize > Aircraft)
  2. Sometimes the MTL folders are installed in the wrong location, install the latest version of IvAp installer to solve this issue.
  3. Run "IvAp - External" (start menu) instead of opening it from within FsX.
  4. Re-index the MTL via "IvAp - Configuration" > "Online traffic", which can be found in the IVAO start menu item.
  5. Check if FsX.cfg (%appdata%\Microsoft\FsX) contains the entry: SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\IVAO_MTL

White aircraft are caused by the DirectX 10 Preview, disable it. Check here.

Check FsX.cfg (%appdata%\Microsoft\FsX) for multiple entries of: SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\IVAO_MTL
It should only contain one.

This is not a MTL problem. You can find more information here.

Known Issues with Prepar3D

  1. If you are using Altitude, make sure you have correctly disabled IvApv2, If not, run MTLbuilder.exe as ADMIN.
  2. Verify that under simobjects.cfg you have these lines: Located in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
    Replace "10" with the correct next number on the list.
  3. You can find more information about Prepar3D at its forum.

The C172 used in the MTL is the default FSX C172. Just need to copy the default FSX aircraft into P3D and re-run MTL Indexer (mtlbuilder.exe).
Follow steps here.

Known Issues with Webeye

Sometimes an aircraft type hasn't been added to WebEye database yet. Please request the inclusion at WebEye forum

Known Issues with X-Plane

MTL does not support CSL (X-Plane) files. However, you can find a lot here