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Last Modification: February 4th, 2013

You want to add a livery of a real or virtual airline? You want to add a model? But you don't know what to do? This page will give you the necessary information.

General Rules

Requirements for Real Airline Liveries

Requirements for Virtual Airline Liveries

Procedure for submitting liveries

Warning! Any livery which is not submitted according to this procedure will be deleted WITHOUT NOTICE. We have too much requests to answer each individual failure personally, you can check if it is rejected on our webpages.

  1. All liveries shall be delivered in a zip file.
  2. Once done create a 'readme' file describing the livery, this file should contain:
    • The name of the model.
    • The name of the livery.
    • The name of the airline.
    • The ICAO code of the airline
    • Your name and email (even if you are not the painter)
    • The name and email of the painter
    • Any airplane specific data if needed (e.g. engine variant)
    • The contact details of the author of the repaint. The MTL team will ask for the permission themself, unless you or your virtual airline created the repaint yourself.
  3. Send both the livery and the readme file towards the team at

Requirements for models

Procedure for submitting models

  1. Write an email with the following contents:
    • The name and ICAO code of the model
    • The name and email address and website of the author
    • The download link to the model
  2. Send the email to In any case, DO NOT ask for permission to the author in the name of IVAO, we will take care of the permission ourself.

Note: the MTL team will NOT create repaints for you, this is not our job.

Do you have further questions? Feel free to contact the team on

If you do not know how to repaint an aircraft, please do not ask us for how to do it, ask it on the IVAO forums and/or forums specifically designed for these kind of questions.

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