Livery Submission Guide & Rules

General Rules

  • The creation and/or distribution of own MTL packages is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule can result in removal of the membership of the VA and/or user account from IVAO (copyright violation).
  • Only the MTL Team is allowed to ask permission for the use of a livery or model in the MTL Library. You are not allowed to ask permission in name of the MTL Team.
  • The repaint must be based on an official paintkit of a MTL model. Liveries which are based on other models are not accepted. A list of paintkits is available here.
  • In all circumstances, the MTL team has the right to refuse a submitted livery.
  • To make it easier for you and us to submit downloaded liveries from avsim/flightsim/others we requested "general permissions" from painters who have done alot of liveries, please check the list here and see if you find a livery from one of them first.

Requirements for Real Airline Liveries

  • For real airlines there is no limit on the maximum number of included liveries, but the amount of liveries shall be within reasonable limits.
  • No fictional liveries are accepted, the MTL team has the right to request proof of existance for example a picture of the real aircraft.
  • Obviously the rules for 'all liveries' apply.

Procedure for Submitting Liveries

  1. All liveries shall be delivered in a zip/rar file named like "IVAO_B738 KLM" or "IVAO_A320w THY".
  2. All texture files must be in DXT1 (no alpha) format unless otherwise required by the model/paintkit.
  3. All texture files must be sized 1024x1024 unless otherwise required by the model/paintkit.
  4. Your folder structure should be as following:
    • IVAO_ICAO , where ICAO is the code of the aircraft. (B738, A320 etc.)
    • If the livery you are submitting has winglets then, add "w" at the end of the folder name. (IVAO_B738w, IVAO_A320w etc.)
    • Create a folder inside the IVAO_ICAO named, where xxx is the ICAO code of the airline.
    • Name the texture and ligthmap according to the paintkit, if you are unsure navigate to your MTL installation and check there.
    • Do not attach the ivao's files (ivao.liv / ivao.ini / ivao.cfg) or thumbnails

  5. Once done write your email describing the livery, your email should contain:
    • The name of the model.
    • The name of the livery.
    • The name of the airline.
    • The ICAO code of the airline
    • Your name and email and your VID(even if you are not the painter)
    • The name and email of the painter
    • Any airplane specific data if needed (e.g. engine variant)
    • The contact details of the author of the repaint. The MTL team will ask for the permission themself, unless you or your virtual airline created the repaint yourself.
  6. Send the zipped livery file towards the team at

How to test your liveries with Model Converter X

  1. Get the latest version of the tool from here.
  2. Open the IVAO_xxxx folder, under the IVAO MTL folder. Default folders are: (FSX: \Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\IVAO_MTL // FS2004: \Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 2004\Aircraft). The "xxxx" in this case is the ICAO code of the aircraft;
  3. You will see some folders, like "model" and "texture";
  4. Create a folder named "" (or another thing other than xxx), and copy your paintings to it (DXT1 with or without alpha channel, or BMP 24bits);
  5. Enter the "model" folder. You will see a .MDL file. Open it with ModelConverterX;
  6. When open, go to "Livery" option and choose the livery folder you created at step 4;
  7. See the painting or the mess; and
  8. After the test, remove the folder you created.
  9. Questions and Requests

    • MTL team will NOT create repaints for you, this is not our job.
    • Do you have further questions? Feel free to contact the team on
    • If you do not know how to repaint an aircraft, please do not ask us for how to do it, ask it on the IVAO forums and/or forums specifically designed for these kind of questions.