Model Submission Guide & Rules

General Rules

  • The creation and/or distribution of own MTL packages is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule can result in removal of the membership of the VA and/or user account from IVAO (copyright violation).
  • Only the MTL Team is allowed to ask permission for the use of a livery or model in the MTL Library. You are not allowed to ask permission in name of the MTL Team.
  • In all circumstances, the MTL team has the right to refuse a submitted model.

Requirements for Models

  • Model must support both FS2004 and FSX
  • Model should not have more than 15.000 polygons.
  • Model should not be existing in the MTL Library, unless the new model is better in terms of framerate and quality.

Procedure for Submitting Models

  1. The perfect model for the MTL is a so called AI model, they do not have many polygons and usually contain multiple LODs. More information about polygons and LODs can be found here.
  2. You can check the amount of polygons (triangles) with MDLinfo tool - here - (Needs VC++ 2008 runtime to work).
  3. Write an email to including:
    1. The name and ICAO code of the model
    2. The name and email address and website of the author
    3. The download link to the model
  4. In any case,DO NOT ask for permission to the author in the name of IVAO, we will take care of the permission ourself.

Questions and Requests